A macramé plant hanger


Make a plant hanger using cotton twine in a wooden ring. Vary the macramé knots by braiding either double knots or simple knots for a flat or a twisted look. You will need approx. 37 m cotton twine for a plant hanger with a finished measurement of 100 cm without the plant pot.

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A macramé plant hanger
A macramé plant hanger


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    How to do it
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    Cut 7 x 4 m and 1 x 9 m pieces of cotton twine. Double them over and fasten them onto a wooden ring. Make sure that all of the 7 x 4 m pieces are the same length on both sides once fastened onto the wooden ring.
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    Braid 10 half macramé knots with the longest cotton twine around all the other pieces of cotton twine as shown in the photo. By beginning the knot from the same side each time, the braiding will start twisting into a spiral shape.
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    Divide the cords into 4 bundles with 4 cords in each. Braid 10 double macramé knots with 2 cords around the other 2 cords as shown in the photo.
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    Cross the cords in front 10 cm further down. The cords used for making the double knots will now be the middle cords for the following macramé knots. Braid 20 single macramé knots as shown in the photo. Start all the knots from the same side each time for a twisted braiding.
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    Leave a 10 cm gap before braiding 10 double macramé knots.
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    Gather 2 cords from one bundle and 2 from another bundle. Leave a 7 cm gap and make 2 double macramé knots.
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    Cut a 1.5 m piece of cotton twine. Double it over and tie it around all the cords 10 cm further down. Make 10 single macramé knots. Trim the ends 15 cm further down.
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    The finished plant hanger consists of braiding sections of 3 x 10 cm with 2 x 10 cm gaps in between.
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