How to make handmade paper with a napkin design


Learn how to make handmade paper with designs from napkins. Make the homemade paper from paper pulp, a paper making frame mould with a screen and pieces of felt. Glue the homemade piece of paper onto the front of a greeting card.

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How to make handmade paper with a napkin design
How to make handmade paper with a napkin design


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    How to do it
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    Moisten the paper pulp and tear it into small pieces. Leave it to soak completely.
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    Whisk the paper pulp to a uniform consistency either with a hand whisk or an electrical hand mixer.
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    Cut out a design from your chosen napkin. Carefully remove the two back layers of the napkin.
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    Pour the mixture into a tub large enough to fit the paper making frame mould. The thickness of the finished paper varies according to the amount of pulp in the mixture.
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    Stir the mixture just before use.
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    Hold the frame vertically at the back of the tub. The side on which the screen is attached should face you.
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    Submerge the frame underneath the pulp horizontally. Push it forwards and backwards until the screen is covered and lift it out of the tub. Let the water drip off. A tip: Sieve the left-over pulp from the water, leave to dry and save it for next time. Never pour it directly into the sink, as it can block the drains.
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    Fold a piece of felt and run it across the underneath of the frame to soak up the water. Squeeze out the water and continue like this until most of the water is absorbed.
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    Turn over the frame and place it with the pulp face down onto a piece of felt.
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    Soak up more water but only press lightly.
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    Carefully remove the frame. Make sure that the pulp section comes away from the frame before lifting it. Leave the homemade piece of paper on the felt to dry. The drying time varies according to room temperature (24-48 hours).
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    Place the napkin designs on top of the paper.
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    Gently press a damp felt cloth on top of the napkin designs. Leave until the paper mixture is completely dry. Remove the paper from the piece of felt.
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    Use water and a brush to ”draw” a line right through the piece of paper. Carefully tear the piece of paper in two. Leave to dry.
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    Attach the pieces of homemade paper onto the front of greeting cards using a glue stick.
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