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Chicken farm

'Chicken farm'
An interdisciplinary school project for 9-year-olds

Hanne, Teacher and author

'In this interdisciplinary course my overall aim was to give the children an insight into the life and needs of animals. For example how we as humans benefit from certain animals; how we use the cow's milk, the hen's eggs and the meat from the pig. The children made their own observations on the farm we visited and they have been reading books, seeing films and completing small exercises. Additionally, in visual arts I have introduced them to mixing primary colours to create new colours and to use alternative materials. Genuine straw and chicken wire was used, and the children experienced the positive effect of these materials in their visual stories about a chicken farm. At the end of the course, I once more concluded that children get the most benefit from the lessons, when they are introduced to a subject in several ways'.

We have gained insight into a school project where some 3rd grade students worked with farming in several subjects. One of the subjects was visual arts where the children skillfully and creatively demonstrated some of their new knowledge.

In one of the school's common areas, each child's contribution for a major chicken farm was exhibited. It gave the children a sense of pride and community.

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