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Children testing Funny Friends 8-year-olds

Children testing "Funny Friends" classroom kit


Lone Brødbæk, Year 2 primary teacher

'The classroom kit is ideal for making figures, and the springs were especially popular among the children, enabling the figures to jump. I would say it was a positive experience that the children hardly needed my help. On the other hand, I challenged them afterwards during the Danish lesson, asking them to write a story about each different figure. All in all, a great experience for everyone which united imagination and practical learning'.


Below you can read some of the children's imaginative stories when Lone later asked them to write about the figures they made in the test of Funny Friends. 

We are paying tribute to the 8-year-olds' own imagination and are testing the classroom kit with mixed materials, Funny Friends.

Children are spontaneous and have an exquisite ability to use their imagination. Adults, on the other hand are often hampered by our well-developed knowledge, limiting our experimental impulse. 

At Creativ Company we would like to pay tribute to children's free play with our materials. We have therefore developed a classroom kit containing, among other things, Silk Clay, beads, mini bells, pipe cleaners and aluminum wire, ready to combine and put together as you wish. 

See how many different things children in this age group accomplished from the contents when they were allowed to decide for themselves.

Old friends
The next day Boby regretted his words and wrote letters to his friends, inviting them to come the following day. The friends did not understand anything, but they came, and when they met with the prince, they became friends again and never fell out again.

Alice, 8 years old

The little frog
Now the little frog was asleep. It dreamed about presents and about who would come to his birthday. But the next morning the little frog got neither a birthday song nor presents. The little frog was very sad, and felt that nobody in the entire world wanted to celebrate with him.

Karl-Emil, 8 years old

The orange hedgehog
Then there was a strange man who said that he had nowhere to live and that he was sad. Then the king and queen asked him if he would like to live with them? He said yes, and they then had to make a room for him as well.

Laura, 8 years old

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