Textil e hilo

¿Estás buscando materiales para el trabajo artesanal clásico? Aquí encontraras todo para textiles e hilo, por ejemplo, diferentes tipos de hilo y herramientas para tejer, bordar y ganchillo. Vea también nuestra selección de telas y patrones para coser – al igual que encontraras máquinas de coser y accesorios y una gran selección de textiles listos para decoración.

Textil e hilo
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Huge selection of textiles and yarn for classical handiwork

Are you on the lookout for textile and yarn for classical handiwork? Where you will sew, knit, crochet, embroider or use similar techniques, then you have come to the right place. At Creativ Company you will find a wide selection of textiles and yarn – and at good prices of course. So lean back and dive deep into the many wonderful products on offer.

Be creative with textiles and fabric

Do you love being creative with fabrics by sewing your own things? Then you will find all you need here at our web shop. I have a wide variety of different Productos vendidos por metros – like fabric for , Seda , Tela de algodón , , and a ton of other fabric products. You will also find a collection of patterns for your sewing projects, regardless of whether it is for babies, kids, men, women or house and accessories.

On textiles we also have a row of differing smaller Parches de tela y cuero . Try for examples Tela para patchwork in beautiful motifs and colors, that can be used in a lot of creative projects – for example fabric decoupage on glass, wood, and cardboard as well small sewing projects.

If you are not into sewing your own things, but you still want to be creative with textiles, then do not fear. We have a big selection of Artículos acabados , that among other things is perfect for Decoración textil . Here you will find Camisetas , Gorras y sombreros , Bolsas, bolsos y monederos , Bufandas, corbatas y colgador de llaves etc.

Yarn for every yarn lover

Yarn is an extremely popular material in many different hobby projects – not least in classical handiwork, like knitting, crochet, and embroidery. And maybe you are on the lookout to buy yarn online, then you should do yourself a favor and look in our category with yarn. Here you will find a ton of different types of yarn at good prices – for examples Hilo de algodón , Hilo de calcetín , Hilo de lana and Ovillo de tela y ovillo de cinta just to name a few.

Of course, we also have a lot of knitting needles, crochet needles and other accessories for yarn.

Though remember also that as well as having the textiles and yarn, also have a lot of inspiration and ideas for creative use of textiles and yarn. Just look at our ideas for traditional handiwork like Ganchillo, coser y tejer .

Felt for kids and adults

Felt is a fabric made from wool, animal hair or other fibers and is extremely popular among kids and adult alike, since it can be used for many funny and creative ideas – just take a look at some for Fieltro y lana polar . Felt also comes in many different forms, that give even more opportunities. Here with us you will find both Fieltro estampado as well as Fieltro liso – both types can be purchased both as sheets and rolls. We also have many Figuras de fieltro , that can be made to decorate cards or that can be themselves decorated and hung up.

At Creativ Company we also have a lot of textiles and yarn for your hobby projects, and we will just recommend you go and discover the many subcategories here on the site. So you to will experience that we have a lot more yarn and textile craft that described here.

At last we would just like to wish you good luck and we hope that you have fun with your creative hobby projects that involve textiles and yarn.

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