Vivi Gade

Vivi Gade – exclusive, Scandinavian design

Explore Vivi Gade’s universe with a broad range of design paper, paper decorations, products for DIY card making and products for creative gift wrapping. Vivi Gade design series consists of Scandinavian designs with inspiration from around the world and from the world of fairy tales.

Vivi Gade consists of three exiciting collections:

  • The red range is filled with nostalgia and ”hygge” with a contemporary look. If you love a traditional Christmas then the red range is definitely for you.
  • The black range is for you if you love the classic black/white look with diplomatic grey nuances and a few blue details.
  • The light range is romance, delicate lace borders, and elegant harmonies of white, gold and rose. It’s perfect for creating a light and romantic atmosphere.

Choose your favourite Vivi Gade design range

All products are of premium quality and can be mixed and matched to give a unique and stylish expression – within the each collection, but also across the collections. You can see all Vivi Gade products here.

Get lots of ideas with Vivi Gade

Let yourself be inspired by the big Vivi Gade collection of exciting ideas for card making, gift wrapping and paper decorations. Make your own cards with beautiful motifs so that they match your creative gift wrapping. Have fun making atmospheric paper decorations for your home or spread joy amongst your family or friends with the beautiful decorations. You will find lots of tips, guides and good ideas in our three inspirational categories: